HayBoss Trailers

Proud to announce the introduction of HayBoss inline round bale trailers to the portfolio of Leslein Sales!  Hay Boss hydraulic dump hay trailers, they also have hydraulic lock for the brakes so when you load the trailer it won’t push the truck, The hydraulic dump make tipping the bales off easy even on a hillside , We have a 7 bale model (37ft) with 14 ply tires and brakes on one axel a 8 bale (42ft ) with 14 ply tires and brakes on both axels , Comes with taillights and turn signals, no license plates needed has they fall under the farm husbandry status, No need for any wide load permits and no straps are required to take your round bales down the road.

Checkout our video of the Hay Boss Hay trailer

Posted by Dyersville Sales Company on Thursday, December 19, 2019