Grain Bin Gazebos

Why you should have a Grain Bin Gazebo?

Well probably no one close by has one and just think of all the great times with friends and family you can have. Memories that will last a lifetime. A place to go to get away from it all. Something you can personalize anyway you want. Life is too short enjoy it while you are here and why not do it in your Grain BIn Gazebo.

I would like to make one thing clear these are not a standard grain bin with some legs bolted on, these were designed to be Gazebos, they have extra heavy top ring one which would normally be found at the bottom of the bin which weighs over double because of the extra amount of metal and the thicker sheet and the legs are designed to handle 10 tons each not some cobbled up wood legs these are heavy duty metal legs, These are designed to be maintenance free and last a lifetime. the quality is top notch and the finish is excellent , If you want you can order it without the Golden Grain Logo because some people plan to paint them another color and the sticker might show through. the ideas of what you can make these into are endless from a picnic place to a bar to a place to put your hot tub in. Larger ones can be used for pavilions in parks or fairgrounds. what ideas do you have ? Share them with us.  

Easy gazebo construction, so easy Dale can do it!

Let your imagination do the work!

Anything from pool sheds, changing rooms, gazebos, and what ever else you constructed from quality engineered steel structures.  Also check out our building line as well. See lots more pictures and info on our Facebook page ” Grain Bin Gazebos”

So what size gazebo should I buy?

21ft is our most popular size followed by 18ft, Then 15, 12.,24,30, 45. and 36ft,, The 18ft and 21ft models are the most popular because they handle a nice size crowd but if it is just you and your significant other they still feel cozy, Once you get to 24 ft and bigger those models are really nice for handle bigger crowds or an outdoor kitchen plus a hot tub or a bar or multipul uses. So the best way to deicide what size to buy is #1 how much space do I have available for this project
#2 what will be going into the gazebo
#3 On average how many people will be at the gazebo.

Advantages of our gazebo kit over a used grain bin,

1. Our kits are designed to be gazebos and are built to last a lifetime and be maintenance free,
2. Our design eliminates the need of an expensive infrastructure
3. With no expensive infrastructure there is no place for the birds to sit and do there business all over you
4. Our steel legs are made from very heavy 10 gauge metal, a wooden leg isn’t gonna have that rating and hold up over time.
5.No cobbling together, these kits are ready for easy do it yourself construction.
6. our roof makes it nicer because it is steeper than most and not has flat allowing for more space above.

Concrete pad requirements for gazebo

the pad should be 2 ft bigger in diameter than the gazebo an 18ft gazebo needs a 20ft diameter pad etc

the outside 18 inches should  have a footing 12 inches deep

the center of the pad should be 4.5 inches thick min.

rebar 2ft OC

4000lb cement mix

pad should be installed at least 3-4 weeks before gazebo is constructed to allow cement to cure and anchor bolts to hold.

Care for gazebo kit before erection

When you get your kit make sure it is protected from the weather, Do not allow water to get between the galvanized sheets this can create a white rust on the steel because the air could not get to it. Store in dry place.